Field visits - Pre-congress day, 2 September

From approx. 12.00

Option 1: Landsforeningen for barnevernsbarn (LfB)
Ensjø, Oslo
More information will be available soon.

Option 2: Barneverntjenesten i Frogn kommune
Belsjøveien 2,
1443 Drøbak
1 hour from Oslo Central Station
More information will be available soon.

Option 3: Barnevernvakten i Oslo
Politihuset i Oslo
Grønlandsleiret 44
0190 Oslo 

On this visit you will learn more about how emergency preparedness for children and young people is organised in Oslo. You will receive information about the Emergency Child Care Units tasks and how they are organised. The Emergency Child Care Unit consists of two teams. One works at the system level, while the other works operationally in emergency cases in the city of Oslo. The Unit cooperates closely with the police and is located at the main Police station in Oslo. The Unit has existed since 1982 and is on duty for Oslo children and families around the clock.

Option 4: Brusetkollen barneverninstitusjon
Otto Valstads vei 70
1395 Hvalstad
40 min from Oslo Central Station

Welcome to Oslo Sanitetsforening Brusetkollen, situated in Asker, 20km west of Oslo. We are a non-profit institution that has been running for 102 years - owned by Oslo Sanitetsforening. Brusetkollen is a child welfare institution and we have places for around 40 children/teens. We have five departments located in Asker, four of these are for teenagers aged 13-20. One smaller department houses children aged 6-12 years old. In addition to this, we run spescialised foster homes, provide support for young people moving into their own rented accommodation, and we offer family support through an agreement with local government. We have an in-house department with specially trained and qualified family consultans and a psychologist.

When you visit us at Brusetkollen, we will tell you a bit about our institution. Our psychologist and family consultants will give a brief presentation regarding the importance of the relation between the young people and the social carers - explaining how this is the most important tool in the meeting with the children/teens. We will also facilitate an exchange of experiences between the students visiting and some of our staff.

Where can you find us? You can board a train from Oslo Central Station or Nationaltheateret station to Vakås train station (train line L1 direction Spikkestad), which is the closest stop to our head office. From the station there is a 10-15 minute walk To Otto Valstads vei 70. Alternatively, you can get the train (any  train that goes in the direction of Drammen) to Asker station, and from there get the bus 270 to Solgården. From there it is only a short 5 minute walk to us.  If required we can meet you at the train- or bus stop near us.


The Nordic Congress on Child Welfare, NBK 2024 is organized by:

Norway: Norsk Barnevernsamband
Denmark: Børnesagens Fællesråd
Færøyene: Barnaverndarstova Føroya

Finland: Centralförbundet för Barnskydd
Iceland: Barna- og fjölskyldustofa
Sweden: Stiftelsen Allmänna Barnhuset